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Autumn's Fayre

Never before have I noticed the distinct change of seasons as I am doing right now. There has been an welcomed shift in my consciousness stopping me and making me aware of the nature around me, the leaves falling from the trees, curling and change in hue.
I have admired the inner city forests that just a few trees, shrubs and an imagination can create. I have collected conkers, fallen twigs and leaves, bent down and gathered them in my hands from the ground and bought them inside the shop, not worrying if people are staring at me or think I'm slightly crazy!
In doing this I have realised how being connected to nature and respecting it's power to determine is so essential to life and to moving forward (oh and also that I'm a big kid!).
I have also realised that the shop has now seen all four seasons as it is nearly a year since opening.  It is also ripening like the grains, fruits and vegetables at harvest time. And like all growers I am thankful to the harvest of my hard work and the support of all around me.  
Happy Home like Autumn fayre is growing and taking shape, and I am dancing in piles of leaves. Thank you to the Universe, to all my wonderful customers, supporters and to the creative artistic and equally determined individuals who stock Happy Home.