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Essential Oils for Essential Health

 JanuaryI’m sure you have spotted that it’s now January & most of us are planning our New Year Resolutions, thinking of the improvements that we will be making to our lives & how we are going to get fit, healthy & wealthy.  Am I right?  Well what if using Essential Oils could help with some of these plans? 

Let’s face it Essential Oils probably aren’t going to make you super wealthy but they could easily help with health, fitness & with staying positive.  I’m going walk you through examples of specific oils & ways in which to use them pre & post workout.  (You may not need to follow all of the steps below, as you may be considerably more ‘on it’ than me!)

1. Leaving the house -  Once you are dressed in your gymware you will need to actually leave the house to run, cycle or gym it. (Insert exercise of choice).  This is where Lemon Essential Oilthe first problem could arise.  We suggest a quick sniff of a sharp citrus based oil such as Lemon or Lemongrass.  This could well give you the boost you need to get going & arrive at the gym!.

3. Peak Performance - For performance enhancing effects we would then suggest a quick drink containing peppermint. This oil has been shown to be a great painkiller, it
Peppermint Herbhas anti-inflammatory & antispasmodic effects, ideal for assisting you to get to your peak. Plus, the other great news is that reports show simply smelling peppermint can reduce perceived effort & improve mood.  Get a great work out and feel like you've not nearly killed yourself, who wouldn't want that?!  For the rest of your workout we recommend a bit more of that handy Lemon to keep you hydrated.  Just put a few drops in your drinks bottle to taste.Lemon and water drink

2. Sanitising equipment - If you are heading gym-wards (& have not been distracted with a pretty, shiny thing) either for a class or to use equipment why not take your own antibacterial cleanser? Remember even yoga mats can get sweaty!  The last thing you want is to pick up germs.  Simply use 10 drops of your Lemon Essential Oil from step one & mix with 10 drops of Tea Tree oil in 30ml of cool water & add to a recyclable bottle.  You can either spritz onto equipment or wipe on with a cloth. The lemony scent will aid your workout & probably that of the person after you!

Tea Tree Essential Oil

4. Actually do some exercise! - Do not just stand around chatting or spend the session remembering how to use equipment/bike/legs!

5. Soothing muscles - Hopefully these handy tips have helped you get to the end of the workout – well done you! So now, it is important to soothe any aching muscles with a botanical mix.

If you are changing at the gym indulge your muscles in a pre-prepared muscle rub to use after your shower*. We recommend fractionated coconut oil with 5 drops of Peppermint, Ginger & Eucalyptus.  (As you become more aware of your oils & your body’s needs you can experiment with quantities & fragrances).
Cute KoalaIf you are in the comfort of your own home you could add Himalayan Salt to a hot bath with a combination of Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram & Lemon These oils will help reduce pain & inflammation, calm your senses & promote healing. If you do not enjoy any of these aromas miss them out of your mix.  (You will not unwind if you only think of old ladies when you smell Lavender!!)  
If you do not fancy purchasing anymore oils at this stage we can also highly recommend Wild Olive Bath Salt which contain a mix of botanicals & Salt from the Dead Sea.


With these simple combinations, you will feel like a new person in no time & will be helping your body to grow healthier & fitter in a beautifully aromatic environment.  You should probably now go & treat yourself to some cake, you deserve it!!

*Please do not use your muscle rub in the shower as it will make it very slippery for yourself & others.  Always lay a towel down whilst applying to catch any spills & protect against slipping.