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In the Mood to Meditate?

So my first day back at work after a week laying in the sun and relaxing and I have to say getting up this morning and actually having to leave the house was a struggle!  I had got so used to that gorgeous feeling of having nothing essential to do, having a mind clear of clutter and just appreciating what was occurring in that moment.                                                                                   I started to think about how many of us really take time out to relax, to wind down and let our bodies restore.  Some of you might be lucky enough to have a week’s relaxing holiday once a year, but I doubt very much that many of you take planned time out of your week or even month just to enjoy a few moments of calm. Why is this so?  We are not machines, we cannot run on empty, yet expect our bodies and minds to do it so often.  We need to recharge our non mechanical batteries and appreciate our bodies and all they do for us.


Meditation is a great way to do this and can be achieved in a short time on a daily basis.


Whilst away I was aware that I was missing my normal daily practice, so sat by the pool for a short but lovely meditation, letting the sunlight and heat become part of my session. This was quite different to my daily structured sessions that I use the ‘Headspace’ app for and also from the group meditation I do at ‘The Secret Garden’ but it had delightful and empowering effects. I noticed that each technique has a place in my life but all have the same conclusion – A feeling of greater control over my thoughts, feelings, spirituality, health, sleep, job etc.

So I’ve done a little research and discovered that scientific studies have shown that mediation can do so much for your mood and brain function, physical health and relationships. 

For example, meditating for 20 minutes a day can:
Decrease low mood and feelings of depression
Lower blood pressure
Reduce general anxiety and anxiety disorders
Decrease feelings of loneliness
Improve concentration, focus and attention
Increase self care
Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Improve emotional intelligence
Reduce skin complaints such as Psoriasis  
Help you become more resistant to pain and can act as a stronger pain reliever than medication
Increase feelings of compassion
Increase feelings of happiness!!

This is a tiny list compared to the research that is out there, but even looking at these, what a beneficial tool!  If you don’t do it already, why not give it a go?  There are many different techniques and again it is important to find one that works with you to increase the benefits. 

Let me know how you get on?!

Much love xx

  • Cornish Michael on

    Lovely I feel so relaxed just reading your comments. xx

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