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Wax on – Wax off – The Art of Candle Burning!

You have taken time to select the perfect candle, and you may well have spent a decent amount of money on your top quality purchase, so you want to ensure that your candle is performing to its ultimate ability! 


Here are 10 top tips to give you the best experience from your beautiful candle

The First Burn is The Deepest! If Rod Stewart was in the candle business this is what he would be serenading you with!  The first time you light your candle you must make sure that you leave it lit long enough for the whole surface to have completely melted, right to the edge of the vessel. 

Otherwise in future your candle will only burn in a tunnel like way down the centre of the container. Depending on the size this could take over an hour, so ensure you have set aside enough time.

Regardless of how in love you are with your candle’s scent and flickering flame, do not burn for over 4 hours (2 hours if using a small jar candle such as these mini options from Happy Home.). Burning for longer can make the glass too hot and affect the fragrance throw.  Also by this time you will certainly have suffered olfactory overload and no longer be able to smell your wonderful fragrance.

    Mini BotB Candles

    At Happy Home we only use self- trimming wicks in all of our candles, but always check that the wick of your candle is no longer than 5mm. If wicks are longer they can curl, dirty your wax, create additional sooty smoke and look unattractive. Use either a wick trimmer or small nail scissors to shorten your wick. 

    If you are expecting guests why not light your candle for an hour before your folks arrive, then blow out your candle so that you do not have any overwhelming fragrances close by anyone, and rather a naturally amazingly fragrant home.
    If soot forms on the inside of your candle container, extinguish your flame and wait for your candle to cool then use a damp cloth to wipe away the soot. Soot marks do not show the candle at its best.  Soot can be caused if your candle is in a draft and therefore burning at an angle, ensure your candle is on a level surface and draft free.

          Your candle can be kept free of dust by turning upside down when not in use. If you prefer the upright look (!) you could instead use a glass dome to place over it, this looks beautiful especially as a table centrepiece.  If you have several candles to clean, try a damp microfiber cloth to run lightly over the top of the candle.


            Do not leave your candle in direct sunlight – I have done this many time and have melted many beautiful free standing candles! You think I would have learnt after the first time wouldn’t you??!
            Plus sunlight can bleach your candle colours which is also not a great look!





            If your candle is very smoky or the flame is too big extinguish the candle. This could mean that the wrong wick has been used (not in ours obviously!) or that the candle is not burning properly.  Try trimming the wick, ensuring there are no drafts and re-lighting.

              When there is only ½ inch of wax remaining in the bottom of your jar candle, discontinue
              use. This is for safety reasons and will protect your jar and the surface on which it is sitting. You may be very sad about this – but don’t despair!! Pop little chunks out with a teaspoon and pop them in your oil burner!

              Extinguish your candle with a snuffer, this will prevent hot wax from splashing or embers spoiling furniture. It is a safer option, and also means you can purchase a pretty accessory!

                Our Bee on the Borage candles are made with responsibly sourced soy wax, untreated cotton wicks, Phthalate free perfumes and luxury essential oils to give you the best possible experience.