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The Big V Day Handmade Gift Ideas

From the middle ages to the present day, the celebration of love in February is not to be missed.  It is a great time to show those around you that you care.  And what better way than with some handmade gifts.  Here are a few ideas perfect to make for your partner, friends, family or with your kids.  

Valentine Slime

1. Valentine Slime!  Gooey, gloopy and fun! Perfect for kids and big kids, this is bound to make someone's day!


 Lemon Drop

2. Lemon Drop Valentine.  Super simple, but how lovely does this look.  You can use any jar filling you know your loved one will enjoy. 


 Love Soap

3. Love Soap.  How happy would you be to receive this?  Very? Why not make it for yourself!


Felt Heart Jar

4. Felt Heart Jar.  Again this is so simple.  You don't even need to buy a jar.  Just up-cycle! (I have twine available should you fancy giving this a go).


  Pompom Flowers

 5. Pom pom Flowers.  This website doesn't even need translating, the pictures are so informative.  This is just so cute and of course uses amazing pompoms!


 Love Labels

6. Love Labels.  If you already have some great gifts ready, why not make opening them even more exciting by printing these 'opening times' labels?


 Beer Labels

7. Beer Labels.  If your partner is a beer lover why not really focus on the love vibe with personalised labels?



8. Cocoa Drink and Chocolate Wrapping.  The traditional (and some might say obligatory!) gift of chocolate will always look better if you create your own wrapping and labels.  You could use anything, but try to base it around a theme your recipient loves.

Here is a link to amazing chocolate 


 Salt dough heart magnets

9. Heart Magnets.  Another great project to do with mini people.  Simple, effective, cute, practical, we heart them!


Lacy Votive Holders

10.Lacy Votive Holders. We love Martha Stewart ideas and this is another great one. We can't wait to give this a go.  Happy Home is getting all romantic!

Whatever you decide to do this month.  We hope it makes you very happy.

Always remember to follow your heart. 

Lots of love xx