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Home Fragrance

"Before I lived in my own house, I’d have a bunch of candles for my room in my parents’ house, and they would last forever. But now that I have this whole house, every room must have a scent! And I want them to be lit every night because it just feels so good"

Selena Gomez



 Bee on the Borage Wax Melts & Candles

All Bee on the Borage products are lovingly hand poured using Soya Bean Oil, carefully selected Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils.  

Soy wax is an amazing and superior alternative to standard paraffin.  Not only because it is made from responsibly sourced, renewable soy bean oil (unlike paraffin which is a fossil fuel) but because it offers amazing fragrance throw and has a soft creamy white appearance.

Not only that, our products are also:

Cruelty free, Bee friendly, Free from pesticides & herbicides, Biodegradable, Easy to clean from your burner/jar with warm soapy water...And always made with Love!


Buddha Beauty Room Mists

The right fragrance can make a divine difference to the feel of your home and to your emotions.  These room mists can be used at different times of the day to provide the perfect ambience.

All Buddha Beauty products are Vegan, Cruelty Free and Organic.