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Bee on the Borage - Perfumed Wax Melts



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All Bee on the Borage Melts now come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  So if you are not completely happy with your melts, just let us know xx


These melts are to be placed in the top of an oil burner or electric warmer.

If you have a very small burner you can halve these melts easily, however we advise you use a taller burner to prolong the fragrant experience. 

These melts can be re-melted several times until the fragrance has disappeared. Then scoop hardened wax from your burner and throw away (Soy wax is biodegradable, so will not harm the environment)

Please follow the instructions provided in your delivery.

Fragrance Guide

Apricot: Melts that are soft and powdery with a clear fruity edge.

Baby Powder: Soft white melts in white cases topped with baby themed sequins.  A fresh clean scent with a powdery finish.

Cinnamon: Spicy, strong cinnamon in red cases with red fiery glitter topping.

Citrus Basil: Cool, crisp & fresh with notes of Basil, Lime & Mint

Clean Green One: Citrusy, musky & Green Tea like!  Similar to CK1

Coconut: These coconut melts are soft and clean with a gentle creamy tone.

Coffee: Just like freshly made coffee.

Cotton Clean: Soft white melts in a pastel green case.  These melts have a fresh, clean fragrance with the perfect balance of citrus, powders and woods.

Fairy Magic: Floral, musky, dreamy and sensual

Fig & Cassis: A light fruity fragrance with added wood and wilderness.

Forest: Oriental, spicy wood, highly aromatic and a return to nature. 

Fudge: Soft white jelly shaped melts with a sweet, buttery, melt on your tongue creamy fudge fragrance.

Grapefruit: Sharp fruit to burst through blues.

Goddess: Green mandarin, Ginger, Lily and Jasmine, sensually awaken your senses to release the powerful and beautiful Goddess within.

Green Tea & Lemongrass: A bright, vibrant, clean citrus musk in a soft white melts in a green case.

Honeysuckle: A strong floral fragrance perfect for spring and warm weather. This fabulous melt comes in a soft yellow melt in a yellow case.

Jasmine: A sweet smelling floral melt with a distinctive aroma. Pure white melt in a pure white case, just like the petals. 

Lemon sherbet: Soft white, heart shaped melts topped with gold glitter. These are sparkly, strong and zingy.

Liquorice & Blackcurrant: Strong, sweet & tangy!

Marshmallow: Soft white melts topped with pink sequins.  These gorgeous little melts are made of gentle, sweet, fluffy marshmallowy yum!

Meditation: A calming, floral and fruit aroma with Sandalwood, vanilla, chamomile and Sweet Orange.

Nag Champa:  Traditional musky, floral champa flower without the smoke!

Orange: Soft white melts in orange cases topped with gold glitter. These orange melts are clean and fresh just like a glass of orange juice. 

Parma Violet: These sweet melts are exactly like the real thing! They even come with a real sweetie in the top!

Raspberry Lemonade: Little pink, glittery fragrance melts that look just like little jellies. These melts are fresh and ripe with a sweet, fizzy zing.  

Rose: Soft white melts in white cases topped with rose buds or petals. These vintage inspired melts smell just like a garden rose in bloom.

Rose Jam: Perfectly Lush!  With scents of Rose Geranium & Lemon.

Strawberries & Cream: Little fragrance melts in red and white dotty cases. These cute little melts have strong notes of fresh sun-ripened strawberries mixed with sweet vanilla cream.  Fruity and delicious.

Sweet Pea: A sweet floral scent, beautiful summer gardens in a melt!  These come in bright pink cases.

Snow Fairy: Another Lush favourite, with a candy floss base.

Vanilla Chew: Little fragrance melts in pastel yellow cases topped with sequins. They are a sweet sugary, light vanilla fragrance.  Syrupy Yum!

Unicorn Dreams: Fruity and floral with a woody base to capture your dreams and make you feel free to dream.

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