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Charcoal & Tongues


Pack containing 10 charcoal disks.  Made in England.

Tip for your tips!
We advise that you use metal tongues to hold your charcoal whilst lighting to save your little finger tips!

Burning on charcoal:

Fill a heat proof incense bowl with sand and create a little mountain of sand at the centre. Charcoal burns extremely hot so you need to create some insulation!

If your charcoal is self igniting place the tablet at the peak of the mountain and light the edge.  If not, you will need to hold it in a flame so we recommend using tongs to hold it for finger safety!

Once lit, place the tablet with the hollowed side pointing upwards (if it has one, some are just flat) and use it like a mini bowl to hold the resin. Only add the resin after about 5-7 minutes or when you see the charcoal glowing red and covered in white ash (think BBQ's).

Use only a pinch of resin on the disk to begin so you do not smother the charcoal.  You can add more over time as you will normally have about 45 minutes of heat from your disk. 

Ensure you do not touch the charcoal whilst it is still hot, allow it to naturally cool down before disposing of it. 

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