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Bee on the Borage - Essential Oil Jar Candles


These artisan candles are hand poured using responsibly sourced soya bean oil & divine quality essential oils.  They are ideal if you love the natural choices in life and enjoy pure fragrances. 

Each jar candle is wicked with self trimming, untreated cotton and topped with petals or fruit.  Containers can be up-cycled or refilled so perfect for 'zero wasters'.

Soy wax candles produce a stronger, purer scent throw and burn cleanly without soot build up so no dirty marks found in your home.

Not only that, these candles are: 

Vegan friendly

Bee friendly

Free from pesticides & herbicides


And always made with love and positive intentions. 

* Don't be disheartened if it appears a candle is out of stock!  Many sizes are made to order so that you receive the perfect candle for you so this clever website will let you add your selected item to your basket.*


Glass Tea Lights 

Small - 125ml round jars.

Medium - 330ml squat round jars.

Big - 1lb honey jars.

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