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Himalayan Salt Lamps


We would all like to breath healthy clean air, but cannot all live by the sea or in the mountains, sad yes, but we have a simple solution!  Pink Himalayan Salt lamps purify the air around you, releasing natural negative irons which help create a clean and healthy environment in which to sit or sleep. 

Salt lamps are ideal for those with:

Respiratory issues, i.e Asthma

Stress or Anxiety

Restless Sleep




Seasonal Affective Disorder 

Due to the nature of these lamps they all vary in colour and shape.  You are welcome to contact us to select a lighter or darker shade and we will try really hard to select the perfect one for you. 

Caring for your lamp

Always read instructions provided!

Light your lamp every day to preserve the salt and to enjoy the many health benefits.

If your lamp feels damp or tacky or in fact you have a soggy puddle underneath it - you are not keeping it warm enough!  Resolve by drying with a towel and ensuring it is switched on for at least 3 hours a day.  If this continues to occur, you may need to move your lamp to a dryer location.



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