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Himalayan Salt Rock Tea-Light Holder

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Our rough cut salt rock candle holders make an ideal gift or perfect addition to your home.  Not only do they look beautiful with their sun-like glow they are also said to have healing properties. 

Salt from the Himalayan Mountains is rich in Iron Oxide which creates a distinctive pink effect and is also a natural ionizer.  Teeny tiny negative ions are released into your surroundings as the rock heats up and draws in small quantities of moisture from the atmosphere.

Health Benefits 

Eliminates allergens

Reduces effects of sadness

Boosts Serotonin levels

Improves mental alertness

Aids sleep

Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Increases Chi

Supports the immune system

Some people can be sceptical about the cause of the healing properties, but report that the peaceful and calming ambience of the rocks produce a feeling of restfulness and balance which you could also benefit from.  So it's win win!

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