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Palo Santo Holy Wood


Palo Santo wood is a sacred wood from South America & one of the most fragrant woods in the world. It has a strong wood aroma with naturally occurring notes of citrus.  These sticks can be used for cleansing and healing your surroundings in a similar fashion to sage sticks. They can also be used during meditation or to help aid colds, alleviate stress, headaches, anxiety.

Palo Santo is sustainable & harvested only from fallen branches so trees are never harmed.

To burn, simply hold within a flame until the stick catches light.  Shake to extinguish the flame and make it smoulder.  To keep your stick alight use a gentle wafting action moving it from side to side.  You can smudge your home like this or use simply to perfume a room for a few seconds.  When you are finished, place the wood on a heat resistant dish.  It will naturally extinguish itself after a few seconds. 

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