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Salt Inhaler

Salt Inhaler


Why use a Salt Inhaler with Himalayan Salt?

Firstly this is a totally natural product, so no pharmaceuticals involved.  Secondly these inhalers are created around the proven health benefits of salt air therapy known as Halotherapy (breathing either dry or wet salty air).

Using salt in this way has had demonstrated effects on:

Hay fever

Whooping cough


Pulmonary fibrosis

Wheezing and breathlessness




And chest infection


How to use:

Remove the plastic cap on the base and fill with the salt chips provided. Breath deeply though the mouth piece for between ten to twenty minutes per day plus when you feel it is required. You can do this over several sessions. Take slow, deep breaths in and hold the for 1-2 seconds before breathing out if you can. If you cannot manage this, breathing normally is also fine. Over time your breathing technique and capacity to hold your breath will naturally develop. If you feel lightheaded make sure you breath normally for a bit before resuming the salt inhaler. 

The salt chunks in your inhaler can last for about a year before needing to be replaced. 

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